Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds are really cute, fashionable, and loving dogs. They are small, only weighing 7 to 14 pounds. Their life expectancy is 13 to 15 years, so they are really hard to get rid of! Social Media is blowing up with adorable Iggys in their runway fashion. Italian Greyhounds may be the dog breed for you! 

Let’s face it, Iggys are so CUTE! I mean, just look at that face. The best thing about them is that they are teeny tiny. Italian Greyhounds are a smaller version of a Greyhound, and even smaller than a Whippet. If Whippets are small, and Greyhounds are large, then Iggys are miniscule. Iggys have huge eyes, because they are sighthounds, but that just makes them so much cuter. Unfortunately, my IG, Meechie is blind from old age. She is 14. 

Fashion. It’s what Italian Greyhounds are known for. Big influencers like Tika The Iggy are creating new fashion and a new audience for it. Coats, dresses, skirts, and tops are all featured in today’s Iggy style. From casual to haute couture, Italian Greyhounds own it. If you are looking for something fun to do with your dog, you can learn how to sew them clothes. Like I said before, Iggys are small so you will end up using less fabric. That saves you money. Plus, everyone knows smaller is always cuter!

IGs are so loving! They follow you everywhere and need attention forever. Sometimes that’s hard for people because they might have full time jobs and can’t play with Iggys 24/7. Meechie sleeps for a while every day then gets up and barks until we give her food. Putting that aside, Italian Greyhounds are super easy to take care of. Iggys love their owners now matter what. 

I hope this helped you learn about Italian Greyhounds, and maybe you decided whether they are the breed for you or not. Iggys are adorable, fashionable, and very loving. But don’t just take my word for it, look at Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for more info and pictures on Italian Greyhounds. In conclusion, Iggys will up your love for cuteness, fashion, and help you learn to be more affectionate with other people.


In class we did projects on different wisdom tales. I did a wisdom tale called Feathers which is about a woman who was spreading rumors about people when her Rabbi was warning her that she can’t take her words back. To prove it to her, he asked her to cut a pillow in the wind and to collect all the feathers again. When she realized it was impossible, he told her that she couldn’t collect all of her words again, just like the feathers.

I made an animation using FlipaClip that I drew myself. I chose animation because I thought it would be so cool to draw a story but then have it become a movie. Though it took a long time, it was worth it for the outcome of an amazing animation. I chose Feathers because I had heard the story before the class that we read it. Feathers speaks to me because it is about not spreading rumors, and rumors are so common in middle school. 

In My Backpack

In the book Finding Someplace, the main character Reesie had to pack her bag and leave fast because there was a hurricane. She had to pack quickly and thoughtfully. Reesie Boone lived in New Orleans with her family, her neighbor Miss Martine, and her friends. Sadly, Hurricane Katrina hit on Reesie’s 13th birthday. When the hurricane struck, she was at Miss Martine’s house, picking up her cake. The flooding got so high that they had to get on the roof! Luckily, at the end she was brought to the Superdome, where she was reunited with her family.

If I had to leave because of a hurricane, this is what I’d pack. In my backpack, I would put two granola bars because they wouldn’t rot, and they would be food to eat. Plus, granola bars are high in protein, and protein is important. I would also bring a water bottle because although water is surrounding me, I would prefer fresh water.  A blanket would be essential because it could be cold outside. Something that I believe is extremely important is a life jacket! If the water gets too high, then I could just float. I would also bring a flashlight for light and a whistle for signals. The last thing I would bring is water purification tablets in case I needed to drink the hurricane water. This is what I would bring in my backpack if I had to pack quickly.

Camp Hanes

Camp Hanes was such a fun and amazing experience for the 6th graders at Durham Academy. Right after I got to school I dropped off my really heavy duffel bag. Soon, me and my classmates loaded our luggage onto the bottom part of the bus and hopped on. I got to sit next to Louise, and across from Sophia and Mae. The teachers put Madagascar the movie on the DVD. The bus ride was really loud. As we arrived, a woman who worked there, Cammi, came on our bus and told us to put our stuff down in the gym and go to the conference room. We all sat down as Bella, Dem, Sarah, and Kayla introduced themselves. Something that was really fun was that when they needed to get our attention, they said “Subway!” And we said “Eat Fresh!”

The activities my group did were a hike, team building, and boating. My favorite activity was the hike! The view at the top of the mountain was beautiful! At some parts of the hike we had to use ropes to climb because it was so steep. During team building, we played a game called Acid River where you had to jump from dot to dot, having at least one person touching each dot.

All in all, Camp Hanes was a really fun trip. It was my first time at a sleep away camp even though it was only for one night. I’m so happy that I decided to go, because it was something I will never forget. My friends were with me, and I feel like I bonded with them more. I am very thankful that Durham Academy sent us to the camp, because I had lots of fun.